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"Today, women have access to almost all sports, even those that were once "reserved" for men, like rugby or boxing.

This opening is the result of several decades of fights and it's a victory for our society.

However, this success masks a very paradoxical situation to say the least:

Gerard Lopez - Membre GR-ADE
Eneko Lambea - Membre GR-ADE

Today, there are still single-sex sports!

This is the case of rhythmic gymnastics, closed to men, where they are confined to amateur practice. They therefore do not have the same rights as their female counterparts.


Most competent sports institutions do not recognize these rights for men.

However, in Spain, the Ministry of Equality has forced the Federation of Gymnastics (RFEG) to open the discipline to men. Since then, the number of male gymnasts has continued to increase, thus denying all opponents of equality.

In 2005, the first Spanish Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship was organized by the Spanish Federation with little to no participants.

In June 2018, they were more than fifty qualified.

We (The GR-ADE Association) would like to encourage this kind of development throughout the world so that this obvious problem of discrimination becomes only a memory and so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of rhythmic gymnastics at all levels of competition.