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L’ASSOCIATION DE DÉFENSE DE L'ÉGALITÉ HOMMES-FEMMES EN GYMNASTIQUE RYTHMIQUE (GR-ADE) is a French association founded with a view to the organization of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.



As part of our sports actions for the development of rhythmic gymnastics for men, we have set up a first partnership with the organizing committee of the international rhythmic gymnastics tournament Amsterdammasters.

Our first major sports project and our first success!

In April 2019, the GR-ADE association and the organizing committee of the amsterdammasters tournament organized one of the first international men’s rhythmic gymnastics tournaments in Europe. The first international men’s tournament in the Netherlands.

To do this, the GR-ADE association fully funded and organized the participation of four gymnasts (members of the association):

Peterson Ceus : president et French national champion (FSGT + UFOLEP)

Eneko Lambea : Spanish national Champion 

Alvaro Pradas : Spanish national Champion 

Javier Garcia : Spanish national Champion 

All of these gymnasts took the leading spots of the competition and were crowned international champions

They received a prize offered by the organizing committee of the international amsterdammasters tournament, awarded by the legendary  OLENA VYTRICHENKO, as well as a diploma awarded by the steering committee of the GR-ADE association (all participants received this diploma)


Since our creation we work in close collaboration with the famous law firm Allen&Overy in Paris

With them we work with competent political and sports institutions concerning the development of men’s rhythmic gymnastics

Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash